Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Challenge: R&R

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I'm a sucker for a cat in a box. Yoda, our Ninja Kitty and box lover, is a good size cat, but he likes to sleep in the smallest box he can find. Beauty, the smallest cat in the house, prefers the biggest box she can find.

My challenge yesterday wasn't to fit into a box, but it was to relax. Sure I needed to crawl out of my cave and reenter the world sans deadline, but I've been working so hard on the book I needed to take it easy, rest and relax.This is not something that comes naturally to me. We have a busy life. I always have a book to write or something to do. But I decided to accept the challenge.

The first thing I did was have a lazy morning and sleep in. I didn't wake up automatically at 5 am. Amazing how the body knows I didn't have to do this. Of course staying up so late to get the book finished probably helped.

The kids wanted to be outside with friends, so while they played and hubby got a haircut, I caught up on blog reading, a couple of forums and emails. I did a little work, but only because it was necessary. My editor wanted prelims (the things that go in the front of a book) so I wrote a dedication and a Dear Reader letter.

Then the real R&R began! I took the kidlets to see The Avengers.

I'd been wanting to see it (dying to see it is more like it), but had no time so made the movie my reward when I submitted the book. The movie did not disappoint. We had a blast. Popcorn and candy ended up being our lunch, which the kids thought was great. The movie was so entertaining. One of the best! I loved it and want to see it again! Great story, fantastic dialogue and just plain old fun! Not to mention, Thor! Sigh...

After the movie, hubby joined us for an early dinner at Sweet Tomatoes to support the kids' swim team's fundraiser there. Back home the kids headed outside to play, hubby packed for his trip (he left this morning) and I watched a movie (This Means War) via Amazon. Love Prime! When the fun ended outside (i.e. time to go inside because it was getting late) the youngest kidlet pulled out a puzzle for all of us to put together. It was a very nice way to end a relaxing kind of day!

What did you do yesterday?