Friday, May 25, 2012

Drive by hello

funny cat pictures - Q:  What do you get when you cross a tribble with a piranha?
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Imagine waking up to that LOLcat in your face each morning! But I'm guessing—hoping—the kitty is pretty cute with all that fur when the mouth is closed! Rocket, my big boy cat, looks mighty fierce when he hisses or even yawns, but he's a total sweetie.

Just a drive by post to say hi! I've got three days to finish my manuscript. I could really use another week, but oh, well... That's what revisions are for.

Hubby returns from his trip today. I'm so happy about that!

Not much else to report, but I did want to share this link in case you hadn't heard how awesome Marvel Comics was to help a mom get her four year old son to wear his hearing aid! A nice, touching story on CBR (Comic Book Resources) well worth the read.

Hope you have a great Friday!