Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dogs, dogs, dogs

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Being at the NEASC (Norwegian Elkhound Association of Southern California) is so much fun. Every where I look I see elkhounds! We're literally surrounded. And Elkhounds are truly love puppies. They love to be rubbed and given attention.

Yesterday in the show ring, they had what looked to be 60 dogs competing for the Best of Breed title. It was amazing to see them all standing there with their handlers. Mackenna helped out another breeder who had many dogs entered. She's having a blast and learning lots. I don't know much about dogs, but I'm definitely improving on picking the winners. I guess seeing so many together gives you a good idea about the breed.

After the show ended, the NEASC sponsored a taco feed in the park. Then Mackenna and I went to see my friend. A busy day!

But today is an off day for the show. We're going to take advantage of it and go to Sea World. It should be fun! What are you up to?