Thursday, May 03, 2012

Here we go again...

funny cat pictures - YAY!
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This LOLcat made me laugh. It is so true!

Our Norwegian Elkhound Chaos loves going for car rides. She can't wait to hop in the minivan and settle in her seat. She hates being left behind. She'll position herself in front of the door so we can't get out if she doesn't see her leash when we're getting ready to leave.

On the other hand, the cats hate being in the car, absolutely hate it. Yoda who never makes a sound (we're talking not ever) will cry this pitiful noise that makes your heart hurt. The others are the same way. They cry the entire time. Rocket, our 15 year old fat cat, usually has an accident which is one reason we switched his vet to one that was a closer drive. The sooner we're there, the better for him.

I have a feeling I must have looked a little like the cat above on Tuesday morning. I was sitting in Starbucks writing while the kidlets were doing state testing. I checked my email on my iPhone. There was one from my editor. She'd received my AAs for His Larkville Cinderella that I'd sent off Sunday night and wanted to share some news. The news surprised me so much I'm sure I had a "We are all going to die" expression on my face for a least a second or two. My editor had accepted a new position within Harlequin and wouldn't be my editor any longer. She was saying goodbye.

This is called being orphaned. It's part of publishing and happens a lot. It's happened to me before. My new editor will be my fifth one.

Change isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it can turn out to be a very good thing like my being moved from the Harlequin New York editorial office to the Harlequin Mills & Boon editorial office in the UK. But change usually means there's some element of the unknown and face it, that can be uncomfortable especially when you're staring at a name you don't recognize. Even if it you only feel that way briefly. Or until one of your writer friends emails you back to say your new editor is actually someone you've worked with a little, but her last name is different because she got married. So no worries because everything will be fine the way all the other changes were fine.

So any changes happening in your life?