Saturday, May 30, 2009


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This is me exactly! I haven't felt like doing any exercise this week. Not sure I'll be up to it this weekend, either. I'm taking it real slow.

I'm so happy Dru has kept the Crossfit Challenge posts up to date, because that will make it easier for me to catch up on all the days. That will be nothing compared to our last challenge when we reached the 80s and beyond. Though shoulder presses might have to be dropped. I can't hold a barbell in my left hand!

This weekend is going to be hot and sunny. We've got a couple things on the schedule, but not much. That means a lot of writing time for me. I can't wait! Also, I wrote about my haircut in yesterday's comment section if you want to know how it turned out.

Any plans yourself?


Dru said...

I'm back from the Book Expo (I knew I wouldn't stay too long) and I had a blast seeing some of my favorite authors. The one author that I was suprised at seeing was Karin Slaughter.

The rest of the weekend I plan to enjoy the sun, read and relax.

limecello said...

Ahhh Dru! You got to go to the book expo?!?! I've been hearing all about it! Did you stop by the Harlequin booth?

This weekend... I need to clean. I swear there are plague germs in my room. It's mortifying. I won't even post pictures. Seriously. Imagine a house after a tornado hit.

I've stopped exercising b/c of my foot - going to see an orthopedic doctor on Friday - but I might do something on the wii fit, after all, I bought it, right?

Brandy said...

Lots to do this weekend and trying to fit it all in. We promised the kids a movie, there's grocery shopping, I hope to get all the laundry and ironing done this evening and tomorrow is up in the air. *g*
Too funny about your hair, but, is it easier to take care of? Hope so!

I also hope you and yours have a delightful day!

Jane said...

We have plans to go shopping.

Anonymous said...

so what's up with your hair

Melissa McClone said...

Hope everyone had a good time. The baseball game wore me out so I napped most of the afternoon. Now I'm writing.

Anonymous - I can't due much with my hair because of my hand in a cast so I wanted it cut so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. If you read the post yesterday called Yep and the comments it explains everything.

Melissa McClone said...

Dru - I hope someday to attend the book expo. Just sounds like it would be so much fun!

Sarita Leone said...

I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to write. And hot and sunny...sounds like summer! Yay!

My big plan for this weekend is to get the veggie garden mulched. I don't want to be weeding all summer long! It's going to be dirty work but once it's done I'll be practically weed-free. And you'd be surprised what mindless work can do for the creative process. I'll probably "write" in my head--that's my hope, anyway!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday. And so glad the haircut turned out well! :)

Anne-Kathrine said...

Sounds like your haircut works for you lol.

Take it easy, you don't want to have any setbacks. I did get some pool time in this weekend which was nice, and ran a bunch of errands with my sis.