Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Picky Cats

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My three kitties have been so patient while Rose has been sick. Oh, they all still want their attention, but they seem to realize other stuff has been going on.

Until last night.

We ran out of cat food. I couldn't get to the store, but no problem. I had a couple of bags of another food I'd gotten really cheap during the latest Living Well promotion that I coupled with a big coupon at Safeway (4 lbs for $1.49.) I bought the new food because I figured I'd mix their bag of the food they normally eat (3 lbs for $6) with the sale food and extend the expensive stuff a little.

A good plan, except last night the only thing I had to feed them was the new cat food.

Guess what? They wouldn't eat it. Not a bite.

Talk about picky cats!

Luckily Rose was feeling a little better, so I bundled her up, and I got their normal cat food. I just filled their bowl and mixed the two together. Time will tell what happens, but I blame hubby for buying the expensive brand in the first place!

If they won't eat the new food I'll donate the unopened bag to the Humane Society and see if I can find someone who wants the opened bag. It's supposed to be good food so I have no idea why my furbabies are so darn picky.

I actually found a few minutes to write today which felt so good. I'm hoping in another day or two things will be totally back to normal. How are things with you?