Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Shiner

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The climbing cutie gave me an idea for a new Crossfit Challenge. What do you guys think about doing lunges (or step ups if you can't do lunges) and presses (you can use hand weights or fill plastic water bottles with sand or even canned food work)? I'll post some links tomorrow so you can see what I'm talking about. We could start next week!

My son got hit in the face with a ball at practice last night. He was running from second base to third. Ouch. It is so nasty looking. There's a cut on his cheekbone where the ball hit. His eye will probably be swollen shut when he wakes up. We spoke to the doctor and had to wake him up last night to make sure he was okay. I can't imagine what he'll look like Irish Dancing on Saturday. Rocky Balboa meets Michael Flatley. Needless to say my day will be spent making sure he's comfortable (well, as comfortable as possible) and feeling okay.

What are you up to?