Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Thanks for the comments and concern. Much appreciated!

My head is feeling better. I don't remember hitting it, but Finn says I did. Thank goodness for helmets!

My right arm is nasty looking where I think the top of my ski pole hit it, but the swelling is going down. The same with my face where my left hand and pole hit. I do remember that happening! My first thought when I was lying on the snow was "I broke my thumb!"

I called hubby who was hiking on a glacier with the dog and said I thought I broke it, told him to head to lodge and in the meanwhile we kept skiing. Bet you're thinking that's crazy, but I had no idea at that point anything else was hurt but my thumb and cheek since I didn't remember the complete fall. But a little while later, it was clear more was wrong.

My left hand is in a splint and sling. I'm typing with my right. My doc appt. was cancelled yesterday when they lost electricity. I'm hoping to get in today to figure out what what's. It's clear from the x-ray something's not right. I'm praying it'll be a quick and easy fix.

I'll try to get the Crossfit Challenge posts going again later. I'm looking forward to catching up on people's blogs. Not sure how much commenting I can manage though!

Thanks again!