Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After reading Marianne's blog on tweeting, I decided to give it a trial shot. Not sure how much I'll actually do with it with a deadline, but I joined Facebook under the same circumstances last year and that worked out okay.

I found a couple of you who I know by your real name or pseudonym there, but if you have an account under some other name that I don't know, please let me know so I can add you. Thanks!


garysue said...

Hi melissa, I just read HIS BAND OF GOLD and guess you can say I am a late one but I loved the book. I am now looking for more and so went to your website to see what you have and I just had to send my comment to you, i am new at blogging so hope I do this right. I also understand each comment gives me an entry to a contest to win a book. I LOVE THAT IDEA too!!ha ha Do you have any bookmarks? I will be visiting your blog site again and wishing you a great day. email is : garysue@dejazzd.com I am susan

Brandy said...

Sorry, I don't tweet. I hope you have fun with it, though!