Friday, May 29, 2009


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These could be my furbabies if you substituted a dog face for one of the cats. Though they wouldn't be that close to each other. I've eaten a few of my meals in bed this week, and I normally eat lunch at my computer. No matter where I am, all four are usually nearby watching as I eat. Smalls will even go so far as to jump onto my lap or table. Must be her outdoor kitty survivor instincts kicking in!

I managed some pages last night after taking it easy most of the day. I realized how easy I can overdo it so am really trying to be careful.

Today I am going to get a haircut. I was letting it grow out (it's past my shoulders now) and wearing a ponytail, but that's not going to work now with only one hand. And I can't tell you how awful it looks down. Hubby tried to help with it, but that didn't go so well. This is the best option right now.

Not sure how short I'll go, but I have some highlights I've been growing out and hiding with the ponytail. Remember the hideous ones from last summer that I got for RWA conference. Well, after having to spend too much money to get a caramel toner put in every couple of months after that I said enough and stopped doing that. I never went back to the salon at all.

Needless to say the highlights are back to being very blonde, but now start halfway down my hair. Ick! That's why I was loving the ponytail. I really don't know if I'll ever highlight again after that experience, but I suppose I could put a rinse on it myself. Not sure if I'm that brave or not.

But I'm not a total coward. After the highlight fiasco, I'm not going back to the person who has cut and highlighted my hair for the last couple of years. No instead, I figured I'd be in just as good as hands with some random stylist at a place I've never been to. Maybe I do have a little bit of a daredevil streak after all! But it's not that big of a risk. Hair always grows back!

What are you doing today?


Anne-Kathrine said...

LOL cute pic.

My girls normally don't bother watching me eat since they know they won't get anything (Im a mean mama like that LOL). Anyone else who comes over is fair game LOL.

Sorry to hear about the bad hair experience. It took me a long time to find a hairdress I liked. She does a great job highlighting my hair (making me very blond lol) and cuts it great too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Brandy said...

It's funny, if we're all eating dinner the cats will come and stare at ME. Not Chris, not the kids, ME. I don't know if it's because I'm a sucker or just easy prey. *G*
Best of luck with your hair! You'll have to post a pic, or at least share your salon experience with us! But, not if it makes you over-use your hand.
I hope you have a pleasant day!

limecello said...

Love the pic, Melissa! Also, good luck with the hair decision. Yes it grows back, but it still is a big deal.
I didn't regret at all donating my hair this past time - and luckily I'm used to it. But I HATED the resulting hair cut. I LOATHED it. Haha, so I feel like, after one or two super bad experiences? You've used up your bad hair karma and the rest should go ok. I mean, that's how it SHOULD work, right? :P

Melissa McClone said...

How are you feeling limecello? I know you've been dealing with quite a bit. And LOL on your hair!

The haircut was a non-issue. I sat down and she said she knew the perfect cut for me. Turns out to be the same cut I've had for a couple of years now. Too funny! It's above my shoulders though, a little longer in the front then in the back. So nothing new. My hubby just laughed when I walked out. We went to the store and he pointed out a magazine with something like Get rid of the mom look 15 new hair cuts for you. I think I'll thumb through it next time I'm in there.

Melissa McClone said...

Forgot to mention, that I'm blind without my glasses so they entire time she was cutting my hair I didn't know what was being cut. It was so funny to put on my glasses and see me look exactly like the way I did before I let my hair grow out!

limecello said...

Melissa - that's so funny! But at least you've found a cut that works for you? I've been getting my hair cut at a salon 2.5 hours away. If I lived closer though, I'd march back in 3-4 days later and point at my head and say "SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!?!" [I always turn into this sad puffball with half straight half curly hair.]