Monday, January 17, 2011

Change of plans

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I had visions of another relaxing day today. No school to worry about. No proposal to work on since it's off. Nowhere to go. I would read my galleys from Not-So-Perfect Princess that will be out in July and take it easy. I would also figure out what to write next on the Christmas story.

And then I found out today is not a holiday at hubby's work.


So scratch all of the above.

I'll be getting dressed and attending a swim meet. Our son made the finals in two individual events and two relays. I'm looking forward to seeing him swim since I missed the first two days, but I really wish my cold wasn't still hanging around. In between events, I'll read my galleys.

Not that day I had planned, but with a little cold medicine in my system it should be fine. How are you spending Martin Luther King day?


Dru said...

I'm enjoying my day off especially since I know the rest of the week will be hectic.

Brandy said...

Son is still fighting his cold and now Daughter has woken with it. Yay. *sigh*
I hope your day goes well!