Tuesday, January 18, 2011


funny pictures - Bad spellerz uv teh wurld...
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I can't spell. It's one of those things I struggle with. Unfortunately at least two of the kidlets seem to have inherited this trait from me. The only good thing about that is as I work to help them improve their spelling mine is getting better.

I think moving around so much as a kid didn't help me learn all the rules you're supposed to know. I attended three different elementary schools in three different cities from third grade to sixth. Definitely some gaps there.

At least there's spell-check!

Of course using a computer to correct errors doesn't always work, especially if you used the wrong word but spelled that one correctly. If a word slips by me and even the copyeditor and makes it into the book, readers are sure to let me know. And you can be sure I never misspell or make that same twice!

Are you a natural speller? Or a not-so-natural one like me?