Wednesday, January 05, 2011


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I think I may have mentioned how Yoda is a copycat. He lays with his feet out behind him and plays with stuffed animals like Chaos, our Norwegian Elkhound. He drinks from the toilet and shower like our cat Smalls. The list goes on.

Ever since he was a small kitten, the other cats have hit him in the head with their paw (no claws extended) whenever he gets too close to them. Sometimes this action is justified (he chases and annoys them a lot), but sometimes it's not.

If you're a Facebook friend, you may have seen my status message a couple days ago when Spirit swatted Yoda. Very justified in that case! And I guess being hit might have finally made an impression on Yoda because we saw the return of the copycat yesterday.

Last night, my youngest saw Yoda sleeping on my chair. She woke him up with rubs and kept talking to him when it was obvious all he wanted to do was nap. All of a sudden, he hit the side of her head with his paw. Exactly like the older cats do to him.

Of course, there was screaming and tears. I was worried he might have used his claws and checked to make sure she hadn't been scratched. She hadn't.

Copycat strikes again.

I've been wondering how to best take advantage of this trait of Yoda's. Anyone have a cat who knows how to dust and clean the house that I could borrow for a few days? I'd love it if Yoda would copy something a little more useful next time!