Friday, January 07, 2011

Cat's tail

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This morning I heard hubby call my name. It was too early to wake up so I ignored him. But I was coherent enough to realize something was lying across my eyes and felt really weird.

I was tired and not wanting to wake up all the way, so I kept my eyes closed. I reached up and felt a tail, a very narrow cat's tail, covering my eyelids like a sleep mask.

Smalls. I knew immediately the narrow tail belonged to her. First all my other cat's are long-haired, but Smalls also sleeps on my pillow against my head.

Still it was a little freaky.

I raised my head. The movement sent the cat scurrying off the bed. Hubby was staring at me. He just shook his head. He's not a big fan of Smalls, but she doesn't like him all that much, either.

His attempts to get her off my pillow at night have been futile. Smalls has learned to wait until I turn off my light to jump up there since hubby is usually asleep by then. If he does push her off, she hops right back up there. It's turned into a mini-war of sorts. One the cat is winning.

Hubby thinks Smalls wants him gone so she can have me all to herself. He may be right!