Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Business

funny pictures - Look, dere's a sandbox for play and a sandbox for bidness.   You got to learn de difference.
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Crazy Wednesdays return! You know it's bad when I looked at a calendar to figure out when they would end last night. At least hubby is in town this week otherwise it's total insanity around here.

The one good thing about today was waking up to see Yoda trying to cram his large body into a tiny box. Harlequin sends me boxes that wouldn't fit a trade sized book. Watching Yoda diligently try to get his body and paws inside put a big smile on my face. Perfect start to the day! I just need to start sleeping with a camera nearby.

Better get to my day! Lots to get done before the craziness begins. And a couple fur babies who need some attention before that!

Do you have one day of the week that's busier than the others?