Friday, January 21, 2011

Yearly Visit

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Once a year my youngest and I make two trips to a hospital in Portland. The first is for testing. That happened last week. The second is to go over the results with a specialist. That's this morning.

As the years go by, the testing has gotten much less invasive. This year she didn't even need blood tests. But she's terrified she'll have to have blood drawn today. Tears flow from her eyes just thinking about that happening.

It just hurts my heart to see her like that. But we're lucky. We only have to do this once a year, and what she has is not life threatening.

Other families aren't as lucky. Their children have diseases that aren't curable (at least not yet so please support medical research!) One of these families is my friend Jessica's, who was the kidlet's summer nanny. Her oldest child, Nicholas, has SMA, a truly horrible disease.

Pepsi is giving away money to fund great ideas. People suggest ideas and then there's a vote to see which ones come out on top and get the funds. If you have time, please vote for this idea so they can use the money to purchase medical equipment for Families of SMA.