Monday, January 24, 2011

Ready for the weekend already

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This is a bit of a whiny post. So feel free to just enjoy the pic and skip the words! I also hope you have a good Monday even though I wish it were any other day of the week right now!

I'm so not ready for Monday. I wish it would just go away for 24 more hours. If it could be Friday even better.

We had a super busy weekend. The trip to Tacoma on Saturday, two kidlets competing in the RC Challenge (like Catholic Jeopardy), one kidlet competing for three days at the Rose City Classic Dog show and a Sunday night soccer practice. What was I thinking scheduling all this?

Worse, Yoda disappeared on Saturday. I realized it after posting my blog that night. We spent the rest of the evening in a frantic search inside and outside of the house. A neighbor's daughter said she saw him by the mailboxes in our neighborhood. Our hearts dropped. Lots and lots of tears. Yoda has never been outside. And there are cars and coyotes to worry about.

We found him around 11 o'clock in the garage after I'd posted on craiglist, sent an email to our neighborhood loop and located his AVID microchip number. I couldn't sleep, but we knew we needed to call it a night. I asked hubby to make one more pass in the front and back yards. Yoda doesn't meow or make noise, but he finally cried. We figured out he was in the garage, even after we'd checked out there three different times. He was so scared and dirty. Poor little guy.

Needless to say, yesterday was a long day at the dog show then capping it off with soccer winter academy. I tried to write, but after a couple of pages called it a night.

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed and only because I had to. Hubby is away this week. He left yesterday morning. He also left me with a broken furnace to deal with. We've been so cold since Friday night. I broke down and bought a couple of space heaters last night. The temperature inside the house kept dropping and we needed a good night's sleep.

He called this morning to tell me he'd made an appointment with the furnace repair place. Yay! Except...

The repair person is supposed to show up at the same time the kids need to be dropped off. Although I've prayed many times to be able to bilocate, God hasn't given me that gift. Which means, I'll leave a note on the door and hope if the person shows up right on time he'll wait a few minutes.

The one silver lining of today is I'll have time to write. The proposal I emailed Sunday night was accepted on Friday. Only minor changes. Ones I can do when I got back through the complete. I really love this book and can't wait to jump back into it today!

Hope you have a nice, productive day!