Monday, January 31, 2011

Being a Writer

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It never fails when someone finds out I write novels, they tell me they want to write a book, too. I've got my own reply down pretty well since I published my first romance back in 1999.

Two writers, however, tackle the issue so much better than I ever could. Especially since I've been up since 2:35 am with a sick kidlet. Both appeal to me for different reasons. Ones I could voice if I weren't so tired. But both are worth a read whether you're a writer, a wannabe writer or even a non-writer.

The first article arrived in my inbox this morning from author Larry Brooks who has an awesome website with lots of great info for writers called I discovered the website via my Facebook newsfeed. Great stuff. You can find the post here. I'll be honest after all this time I've never thought of asking why, but I have asked why a person isn't writing that book they want to write.

The second article is by author Judith Arnold, who I love. She posted this on the Girlfriends Book Club blog. Just check out the comments to see how her words resonated with other writers. My favorite lines from the post are:
A writer is not something you become. It is something you are, something you do.

And just because this is so funny and fits in with the topic, I want to repost the clip So You Want to Write a Novel.

So are you a writer? Would you like to be one?