Thursday, January 27, 2011

I need a McGyver Kitteh

funny pictures - MacGyver Kitteh is a wristwatch and three rubberbands short of a geiger counter.
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My furnace is fixed. The air in the house is nice and warm. But everything else is falling apart. A McGyver Kitteh would be so handy! A Mary Poppins Kitteh would be nice, too. One of the kidlets is sick. Another seems ready to go down for the count. And I'm flying solo this week.

IThe sickie is too young to be left on their own so that adds another wrench into things. But we'll survive. We always do.

Better get off the computer and get going! Looks like a visit to Urgent Care is in my near future.

Update: And the second has fallen! Let's hope the third stays healthy.