Monday, January 10, 2011


funny pictures - Siks-letter-wurd for "waste of space".  Dat would be G-O-G-G-I-E
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One reason I like this LOLcat is it fit my weekend perfectly. At one point, I had three cats and the dog lying in bed napping while I wrote. They got along since they were asleep. The rest of the time not so much. But it's always amusing to see how the cats are going to respond to Chaos.

I spent the weekend writing except for watching the kidlets swim at a meet on Saturday morning (and being pleasantly surprised when my friend Amy stopped by to hang out with me!) and attending Mass and going out to dinner with my family on Sunday evening.

The good news from this weekend was the kidlets' performance at the swim meet on Saturday and Sunday. They did awesome. My son beat 3 "A" times. Those are what you need to beat to qualify for state. My daughter improved many of her times and even won a heat! I was so excited for both of them. Now all we need to do is get the oldest's shoulder healed enough so she can swim!

I still have a few more words left to write on the proposal, not to mention the synopsis. I usually have an end in mind with a book when I start, but not this one so writing the outline will be...interesting.

Wish me luck!

What happened during your weekend?