Friday, February 27, 2009


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I've decided to stop using The Plan. I gave Elizabeth Boyle's writing schedule (aka The Plan) a really good go on more than one book, but the same thing happened each time. Life is so crazy around here and unpredictable that I just kept getting more and more freaked out when I'd stare at my plan and see how behind I'd fallen. I'm sure it works great for many writers, just not me.

What I've realized works best to me is a daily page/word count five days a week. If I fall behind, I have two other days to catch up. That's my new plan and I'm hoping it does not go awry with the new book. So far so good though. I finished the synopsis last night!

What's on your agenda this weekend? I'm going to drive into Portland to see my friend Elizabeth mentioned above. She's in town for the Celebrate Romance conference. If you're local, you can see Elizabeth, Jane Porter and lots of other romance writers at a huge booksigning at the Cedar Hills Borders at 6:30 pm on Saturday, February 28th. Me? I'll be at a talent show watching my kids Irish dance!


catslady said...

I say go with whatever plan works for you.

We're doing an American Legion Cash Bash - mostly it's a donation for the Legion but a chance to win some money and enjoy eating and chatting with friends/family.

Brandy said...

You know how you best write, if something doesn't work for you and adds stress, then you did the right thing in letting it go.
Have fun seeing your friend and at the talent show!

Dru said...

Only you know what will work for you. At least you gave the plan a try, so now you know it is not for you.

Tomorrow is my embroidery class and I can't wait.

Virginia said...

I am cleaning house tomorrow and all that good stuff! Somebody has to do it. Hubby works all weekend and its the perfect time to clean, but then again I have to cook big meals when he's working.

Jane said...

Nothing planned so far.

Sarita Leone said...

I think it's great that you recognize the plan doesn't work for you. I think we've each got our own best plan.

I've changed my weekend plan. Had thought to spend it in my closet, cleaning and getting set for spring (yes, I'm anxious!) but yesterday I got sidetracked by the manuscript I'm working on and never really got started on the closet. So today I think I'll get back to the story, since the characters are screeching in my head and the plot seems to be moving along well. And with the snow falling outside my window, a change of plans on wardrobe planning seems like a good thing!

Hope you enjoy your weekend. :)

Rottie_mom said...

Love the pic!! You def have to do what works best for you!!

Sat I woke up with my lower back hurting big time so after getting an iced venti non-fat latte decided to just stay home and play on my computer and read, had tv on as well. Total lazy day which was nice, my pets love having me home doing nothing lol.

Sunday was much busier, brushed out Sonja (sheltie), gave both dogs a bath, blow dried Sonja, went and did laundry, went grocery shopping with sis, which involved visits to petsmart and home depot lol. Came home and took care of babies, then sis and I decided to go out for mexican food.
Im exhaused lol.