Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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This picture describes both my animals and my kidlets. It cracks me up sometimes. We moved from a very small cottage to a house that was much larger. A house where everyone could have their own bedroom. But guess what? The kids all want to sleep in the same room, even if it means cramming in on the floor.

I finally gave up buying cat beds even though there are some really cool ones out there. The kitties are much happier in a box or the laundry basket. Of course, my bed (whether laundry is on it or not) is their preferred space.

The only one who actually uses her bed is Chaos. That's where she gets her treats. And when push comes to shove, and we're not going to bed when she wants, she'll actually lie on it! The kids were amazed by that. Me, too, actually after so many of the other beds around here (human and animal) go empty!

Today is Ash Wednesday so we're off to Mass. It's the first day of forty days of Lent. I'm still trying to decide what else to give up.

Hope you have a nice day!