Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crossfit Challenge Day 25

Today do:

25 sit ups, 25 push ups (or sub exercise) and 25 air squats (or step ups.)

Post to comments when you've done it!

I chatted with the Climbing Cutie today. He suggested I stop push ups and let my arms/hands heal completely. The Cutie said you could really sub anything (including just do another set of the other exercises), but also said ring rows would work as a substitute since you pull yourself up rather than push. You don't need rings, but can use towels or something else, but be careful with the grip. I was thinking the stretchy bands from Pilates might work if I place them from the pull up bar. I only have access to rings when I'm at the gym for Crossfit Kids. I haven't had time to get to Crossfit Washougal lately.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is a ring row:

Nichole taught me how to do these when I first started training with her. You start standing at a slight diagonal, then as you get stronger go more horizontal.

As for the Climbing Cutie, if you want to see what he did this weekend, check out this. There's a pic of him post workout, too!