Saturday, February 21, 2009

Minefields and clutter

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This reminds me of my house. Between the cats, kids, dog, books and toys, I'm always negotiating a minefield. It's pretty deadly when I try to do it in the dark.

I've been working on decluttering. I managed to get the Great Room, kitchen and dinette area in pretty decent shape. At least surface wise. I never got into the built-in cabinets. But today was a working day so I couldn't declutter or clean. I left that to hubby. He spent the entire day in my oldest's bedroom. It was a mess, so bad, she couldn't do anything with it. But it's almost done and then she'll be in charge of keeping it clean.

A few months ago, I bought the kids a Financial Peace Jr. set from Dave Ramsey. Once all three of the kids' room and the play room are in order, they will be responsible for keeping it clean, plus a bunch of other chores. There's a nifty board for each child so they know what's expected of them. Fingers crossed it works, but it has to be better than what we have in place now...nothing!

I was at Amy's house on Friday morning and saw how organized she was. Only in my dreams! Still at least I'm doing something. Baby steps, I keep telling myself, both with the house and our budget. That's better than nothing!

Have a great Sunday!