Monday, February 23, 2009


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My animals would totally agree with this picture. Pavlov would just nod his head if he saw how our four fur babies have trained us!

I can tell by each of my cats cries or meows what they want, whether it's water, food or love. I sleep with my left food out of the covers so Spirit can use it as a pillow. I always leave space on my left so Rocket can lie against me. And I always pop upstairs mid-morning if I'm not already up here to give Smalls her morning rubs. She'll be waiting for me on my bed.

The dog is no different. Chaos uses her head to move our hands so we'll rub her. She also likes routine so works hard to keep us all on it: up around 6ish to go out and eat, out again around sevenish and a teeth bone, dinner at six and sleep at nine though we're rarely ready for that so she's had to push that out a little.

Last night, she was so funny. While hubby and I sat on the couch and discussed a book we're reading out loud with the kids, Crispin Cross of Lead by Avi, Chaos tried to get us to go to bed. She was so tired after a busy day. Back and forth, head nudges and licks. We didn't budge, so she curled on her cushion in the corner and went to sleep.

When it was time to head upstairs, she was so ready, but again wasn't happy when I realized I had to write a blog for The Wedding Planners that needed to be there in the morning. Chaos gave me that sad puppy look, then went into the bathroom to sleep.

I called her when I finally went to bed. She must have been ready because she flew onto the bed from hubby's side. She plopped her head and front paws down between me and hubby and went sound asleep in less than a few seconds. The funny part was her back end was on top of hubby. She was so tired she never made it all the way to the middle!

I've heard that Obedience school is more for the dog's owner than the dog itself as are animal behaviorists who deal with pets' problems/issues. I can believe it.

Hope you have a great Monday! I've got a synopsis to write and book to start. I can't wait! Do you have anything going on?


Tori Lennox said...

Pets are so funny!

Hmm. My word verification word was "Matrov". Sounds like the hero of a Russian epic. *g*

Rottie_mom said...

Sounds like the pets have everything under control lol.

Mine like routine and Im all for that. Makes things easier. Especially when dealing with multiples.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

catslady said...

LOL with 6 cats I know the feeling. And it is us that spoils them lol. The one thing I never gave in to was the early feedings. Not that they don't give it a try but I have learned to turn over and go back to sleep (and that's with one to four of them sleeping on me). Although my foot is not allowed to hit the floor or it's all over (no trips to the bathroom for me) roflmao.

Virginia said...

Not much going on here today other then a little cleaning and cooking. I have to take son to school at six and then cook dinner when I get home.

Dru said...


I'll tell you a secret, animals, more specifically, pets rule the households.

Sometimes I miss having a kitten to rub.

Brandy said...

Back to routine today for us, YAY! And yes, pets have us trained. Layla is perfectly capable of jumping onto the bed but will sit there and practically beg for someone to pick her up instead. *G* And almost each cat wears a bell and we can distinguish the difference in the sounds of the bells.

I hope your day was enjoyable.

Jane said...

Nothing exciting is happening here.