Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tired Thursday!

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My furbabies definitely felt neglected yesterday. I had two sessions at church to do, an appointment, driving the kids around, etc. That's why Wednesdays are so crazy. I have little to no time at home and even less time to write or for myself. I was so tried when I picked up the kids from swimming I decided Burgerville sounded really good for dinner so I made a quick detour through the drive-thru on the way home.

I'd had so much stuff to do last night: going over some writing kids did at school so I could turn the pages back tomorrow, working on revisions for my proposal, class work for the on-line course I'm taking, reading.

I got two of the four done: the kids' pages and some reading. Then I crashed and crashed hard. I really needed the sleep. I think I need some more actually.

Today is the big day! My 14 year old leaves for her eastern seaboard trip. She's almost ready. I'm getting more nervous by the day.

Not much else to report. I slept in late this morning and it's my turn to drive the kids to class. Better get ready. Hope you have a nice day!


Quilt Lady said...

Sounds like you are really busy right now! Myself I don't think I could handle all of that now. Getting to old. Just got back from a walk, still having back problems and not good news from the doctor.

Jane said...

I wouldn't mind a nap right now.

Brandy said...

A busy day here, which is why I'm playing catch-up so late.
I hope your Daughter's trip goes well and that your day was excellent! said...

Melissa, your comments and cat-pics lighten my mood each morning. I mention you today in my bookshop blog ~ Lorna, The Neat Little Bookshop

Melissa McClone said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your back troubles, Quilt Lady. I will pray for you!

LOL, Jane! I kept thinking the same thing yesterday.

Brandy, thanks! She's in Boston on the bus. At least that's where she was the last time she texted me!

Thanks, Lorna! I'll definitely check it out.