Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hunger Games

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All I hear about lately from my almost 14 year old daughter is The Hunger Games. The movie opens on her birthday and purchased tickets for that day when they went on sale. Heaven forbid, she missed seeing it that day though I drew the line at the midnight showing. Neither hubby or I were up for that.

This past Saturday, she pleaded to go to Seattle to some event where the stars were going to be. Her and her friends wanted to go. We reminded her that she had a swim meet. Oh, if looks could kill I'd be six feet under right now. We were such horrible parents for not rearranging everything so she might meet Josh Hutcherson, the actor who plays Peeta. Well, it turns out we weren't the only ones. None of her friends got to go, either.

Last night, The Hunger Games premiered. She begged to be allowed to skip 4H so she could sit and watch the stars walk down the Red Carpet. Surprisingly, hubby said yes. As he walked about with Rose and Astra, the dog we borrow on Mondays for Rose to use, Mackenna sat in front of the computer monitor totally mesmerized by what she was seeing and hearing.

She's not the only one. My 11 year son is doing his paper bag book report on The Hunger Games. He's making a bow and arrow as one of his four items. He can't wait to see the movie My 9 year old only knows about The Hunger Games from her siblings. She's too young for the book as well as the movie (at least until I see it first) but she was quick to point out the new Hunger Games dolls and accessories that are 20% off in the Toys R Us flier that arrived in the mail yesterday. I have a feeling we may be seeing a Peeta doll around here soon as well as posters.

Has The Hunger Games fever hit your house or area? I think this obsession is pretty cute. And I must admit I'm very pleased it's not over another popular book and movie series (see LOLcat above.)

Have a nice Tuesday! We actually have snow outside. The kids will be so happy!