Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Typical Crazy Wednesday

funny cat pictures - You can come out.  The scary part is over.
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This LOLcat made me laugh because if anything scary comes on the TV when we're watching a DVD or a show one of two things will happen.

1) The scared kidlet will cover themselves with a blanket until it's over.

2) The kidlet will run up the stairs and wait for the all clear.

I still remember this happening during Eight Below. I even think I blogged about it back then. But the scene with the Leopard Seal freaked all three of my kids out completely. I've never seen the three bolt up the stairs that quickly. They did not like that at all.

An even busier Wednesday than normal. I need to pack. I'm making a quick trip to San Diego to visit a friend and attend the local SD RWA chapter meeting. I never have time to get to my own chapter's meetings due to all the kid activities we have on Saturdays, so I'm really looking forward to some face-to-face writer interaction.

What's going on with you?