Monday, March 12, 2012

The Magic Box

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I think I've posted about our pantry aka The Magic Box. Both the dog and the cats wait for any opportunity they can find to get inside. It's their fave place to find themselves locked in. It's happened with the cats, not the dog. She's too big though she wouldn't complain if it happened to her.

Not much to report here. Still feeling down over losing Crystal. I miss seeing her lying on the lambswool pad (called a Wonder Pad) on the foot of my bed or sitting next to me purring. I have to finish up a proposal I was hoping to work on over the weekend, but that didn't happen so the next couple of days will be busy.

The beautiful sunny days have been replaced with overcast skies and rain. That's probably a good thing because I won't be so tempted to head outdoors. I have no excuse but to stay inside and write!

What are you doing today?