Friday, March 16, 2012


funny cat pictures - well of course we threw out some of your stuff! it was in OUR drawer!
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The flight to San Diego was easy. We departed a couple of minutes early and arrived early, too. My longest waits were for the rental car shuttle and then to rent the car. The good news is I finally saw some blue sky. The weather had been awful at home, but it's not raining here. Though it's in the forecast.

The best part of San Diego has been visiting with my friend. I went to her place after I checked in and spent the evening catching up with her. I've known her since I was a little girl, and when I was at Stanford she lived about a half hour away and was like a second mom/fave aunt to me. I'll head back over there later this morning after I get a couple of hours of writing in.

Of course, it never fails when I leave something happens. No one was at the school to pick up the kidlets yesterday afternoon. I'm sure my three were thinking I messed up somehow since I make the carpool schedule, but I knew I hadn't scheduled myself to drive because I was going to be out of town and knew hubby wouldn't have been on their, either, because he always has conference calls on Thursday afternoons. Turns out the mom's kid was sick and she forgot to tell anyone that she wouldn't be picking up. Hubby got off a call and raced up there, but it's a half hour drive each way. They didn't get home until after five which meant they missed swim practice. Oh, well...

Better get writing so I can go see my friend!

Have a great Friday.