Thursday, March 22, 2012


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I thought we might be down a few cats yesterday when I walked in the house and saw the back door wide open. Chaos, our dog, was on her favorite chair, but no kitties were in sight. I ran outside, but didn't see any cats. My only rational thought was the rain may have kept them inside.

The kidlets had already found Beauty. She was asleep in her bed on the hearth. They said she was a little wet. I wonder if that meant she went outside then came back in. She always tries to dart outside when the door opens, but she's never been out. And I mean ever! So I'm glad she was inside and napping when an open door was in sight.

I dashed upstairs and did a quick search. All cats were accounted for. Thank goodness. I know the door was closed when we left. It may not have been locked though. I'm wondering if the wind opened it. That's happened before. But I'm just grateful all cats and dog were present and accounted for!

We have more snow today. School is starting 2 1/2 hours late. I'm hoping I can convince hubby to drive them so I can write. Fingers crossed!