Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Intensive

funny cat pictures - For Narnia!!
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The above LOLcat has a reason for attacking—Narnia. Yoda and Beauty, not so much. But that doesn't stop them from jumping on each other and the older cats. I think their reason is—Because I can.

I'm at my RWA chapter's Spring Intensive. I'm staying at the hotel, rooming with my good friend Terri Reed. Last night was the kick-off. After dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, we bumped into some chapter mates so went to one of their rooms to catch-up. I haven't made it to a chapter meeting since I rejoined in 2010, and this is only the second chapter sponsored event I've managed to make, too! It was nice to see people I knew, but most everyone is new-to-me.

We headed over to the conference center to listen to an Editor/Agent panel. It was interesting to hear their take on things. Jenna Bayley-Burke (she, Terri and I went on a weekend writing retreat in the Fall) moderated the panel. She is so funny and very entertaining and more than once posed a challenging question to the group.

Who was there?

Amy Boggs – Donald Maass Literary Agency

Natalie Lakosil – Laura Bradford Literary Agency

Lauren Ruth – BookEnds, LLC

Holly Blanck – St. Martins Press

Heather Howland and Liz Pelletier – Entangled Publishing

Emily Ohanjanians – HQN/Harlequin

Today there are lots of different talks scheduled. I'm looking forward to hearing Larry Brooks' Advanced Writing Workshop!

Hope you have a nice day!