Sunday, March 11, 2012


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I'm sad. We've been fostering a senior cat named Crystal (hubby saying yes to this was my Valentine's Day present!) She reminded me so much of Smalls. Not the way she looked but her personality. Very sweet and affectionate. Crystal became totally attached to me. And I fell in love with her right away.

Unfortunately, Crystal was very sick. No one knew just how ill she was. She stopped eating a couple of days ago and I was syringe feeding her. I thought she might have caught a URI and lost her scent of smell, but it was much more serious than that. Her 12 year old body was ravaged. There was nothing anyone could do. Crystal crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

The silver lining in all this, if there is one, is that she spent the last few weeks of her life out of the shelter, where she'd been for eleven months, and in a home, surrounded by love. That was my whole reason for wanting to foster seniors. I just thought I would have more time with her.

Hubby and I were with her at the vet. I'd had someone I know make the cats little mice with their names embroidered on them. They arrived on Friday so I hadn't given them out yet. I had hubby bring Crystal's with him so she could at least see it, but she wasn't feeling up to playing. She just wanted me to hold her which is what I did.

RIP Crystal. You weren't with us long but you're already missed sweet girl!