Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Enough

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This LOLcat cracked me up this morning. You see by the time my alarm clock went off I was surrounded by dog and cats all wanting one thing—breakfast. The meows kept increasing in intensity. The dog got downright bothersome. It was only 6:30 am. You'd think I slept in until noon!

Anyway, I fed everyone. I was downstairs when I heard meowing on the staircase. Spirit. On my way upstairs, she kept meowing and wanted me to follow her into the bathroom (this is where she eats). She stood in front of her licked-clean stainless silver bowl, looked at it and then at me. Her signal she wanted seconds! I'm telling you these cats are spoiled rotten!

But I shouldn't be surprised by Spirit wanting more. Everyone's bowl was licked clean this morning. The reason is I fed them Rad Cat. It's a raw cat food produced in Oregon. They LOVE it, but it's very expensive (wish they sold a bigger size than 24 oz for multi-cat families like mine) so I usually mix it with canned food. But I try to give them an occasional meal of just the raw stuff and they go crazy when I do, even wanting seconds!

On the writing news, I heard back from my editor. My hero needs a personality transplant. I went too far with him so back to the drawing board. I slept on her notes, not literally though near deadline time I have been known to sleep with the manuscript under my pillow, and woke up with some ideas. Now to expand on them!

Hope you have a nice Wednesday. Mine is crazier than ever between homeschooling, kidlet activities and teaching at church later. But it's almost April which means only a couple more months of crazy Wednesday left!