Friday, March 30, 2012


funny cat pictures - Wut kitteh finks uv Hunger Games.
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I'm LOLing at the LOLcat above. This could be one of my cats, okay all of them! Especially last night.

It was the big departure night for my 14 year old daughter's trip east. Earlier in the day, I'd rushed home from my monthly volunteer shift at school to work on my hero. I am still struggling to give him a personality transplant. I'm getting closer, but it's still not there. (Not just according to me, but my editor, too.) I fed the cats lunch a few minutes early so they would stop bothering my writing time. They did!

When the kids arrived home, our normal schedule was completely off. Swim practice had been canceled. Soccer practice, too. We needed to finish the packing and other stuff. I'd also finished Catching Fire (2nd book in Hunger Games trilogy) and got the third one, Mockinjay, from my daughter. The cats seemed to sense something was off because they kept meowing and standing in their feeding spots. But it wasn't time for dinner.

At least not for them. I took the kids to Mackenna's fave restaurant, Gustav's, for dinner. Hubby's been out of town all week and I thought this would be a treat for her even though we were just there for her birthday last week. When we arrived home, the cats acted as if they were starving to death even though this was their normal feeding time. Mackenna did her last chore for the next 8 days when she fed them.

Two hours later we were off to the airport. We saw her through security. (I didn't cry so yay me for not embarrassing her!) Then headed home. This second arrival home completely threw the animals off schedule. As the kids went to bed, I picked up Mockinjay to start reading it.

But the cats were just like the LOLcat above. They wanted to be fed. They didn't seem to care when I reminded them they'd already eaten three times that day.


They wanted food. NOW!

I tried reading. They wouldn't leave me own. They were hungry. Starving. No doubt they would be Capitol kitties, not from any of the districts. I wanted to read so I did something I normally don't do. I gave in and fed them a little snack.

The good thing is I had an hour of uninterrupted reading time until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and this morning only the dog was wanting me to wake up to feed her. I will have to remember this for the future, even when I'm not reading a Hunger Games book!

Yep! I fixed