Thursday, March 01, 2012


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This was the second night in a row that we wore our pajamas inside out. That's what the kidlets do when they want to wake up to snow. It didn't work yesterday, but it did work today! Yay!

This is what our backyard looks like this morning. The schools aren't canceled, but are running a couple of hours late.


Today is one of two days the kidlets attend classes. I stayed up late putting together a lesson on revising for Rose's class. I was supposed to give it this morning during their writing block and my volunteer time. I'm assuming they'll jump right into their science block when school starts. Oh, well... At least I'll be ready when I volunteer next.

I'm going to enjoy the quiet and the snow for a little longer. How are things where you are?

Update: Lots of squeeing at the McClone house right now! Just got the robocall. School is canceled for the day!


Quilt Lady said...

Its beautiful here today with tempts in the 50's no snow thank goodness!!!

Brandy said...

So, I'm guessing you wouldn't want our 77 degree temps today, huh? *g* Have a great time and make a snow angel for me, please? I dislike the fact we didn't get any snow this year.....


Jane said...

We were supposed to get a little snow yesterday, but all we had was rain.

Dru said...

I'm jealous

Melissa McClone said...

Wow! Some warm temps. The snow was very pretty and very nice, but was gone by the afternoon!