Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another year almost over

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I spent much of last night rubbing Smalls, who sleeps curled on my pillow against my head. I actually spent much of the year rubbing various cats and a dog.

The rest of the time seemed to be spent driving kidlets to various activities and visiting doctors. Oh, I also wrote a couple books, revised and rewrote them and squeezed an eharlequin on-line read in there, too.

Not exactly the memories I'd hope to have from 2010.

Especially after the hell of 2009.

I remember this time last year. I couldn't wait for 2010 to begin. I had such high hopes for a better year. The car accident in March sort of got in the way of that.

But was 2010 as bad as 2009?

I decided to make a quick comparison. In my 2009 Christmas letter to friends and family, I did our version of the 12 Days of Christmas since we'd been plagued with illnesses and injuries. Here it is with 2010 updates in parenthesis:

12 Days without Irish Dancing (the kidlets quit Irish Dancing in September)

11 X-rays taken (about the same amount)

10 Specialist appointments (three though many more doctor and chiropractor visits)

9 Weeks with a black eye from baseball (son decided not to play Little League)

8 Rounds of antibiotics (can't remember which probably means not as many)

7 Sessions of physical therapy (over 30 sessions and counting between two of us)

6 Bouts of stomach virus (2 with a couple food poisoning bouts)

5 Weeks in a cast (no casts, but hubby just hurt his back)

4 Incisions from gallbladder surgery (no surgeries in spite of 2 neurosurgeons' recommendations for them)

3 CT scans (1 MRI)

2 ER visits (1 ER visit)

1 Ambulance ride from Timberline (rear ended on I-5, but no ambulance required)

Okay, not nearly as bad in spite of the no spring skiing, no summer climbing and no working out/Cross Fit except for walking and PT. I fear I may always have a left arm and hand that tingles, but...

We're all here, furbabies and humans, not in perfect health, but in one piece and breathing. That's good enough for me.

And will be good enough for 2011. I've definitely lowered the bar and my expectations.

How was 2010 for you? Are you looking forward to 2011?

Oh, and before I forget I want to wish my hubby a very happy birthday! You're a great husband and father. Thanks for putting up with me, especially at deadline time! xoxox