Saturday, December 18, 2010

Explain this...

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Hubby is a good man with a strong work ethic. He doesn't mind cooking or cleaning or doing laundry so I have time to write. But when it comes to holidays, especially Christmas, he hasn't a clue. I just don't get it.

For nearly a month, I've been asking him to get the addresses of his employees so he (with my help) could send each of them a Christmas gift. He finally gave them to me after I asked this morning. December 18th. One week before Christmas. Argh! Fortunately I had a free shipping coupon from Harry and David. I spent my morning ordering the presents because this is the last day for standard shipping.

Rocket under our tree
The kidlets even know what their daddy is like when it comes to presents. The only thing they'd find under the tree would be one of the cats.

When my twelve year old was visiting my sister after Thanksgiving, they talked about Christmas shopping. Mackenna told her if something ever happened to me they'd never have another Christmas or birthday. My sister told her not to worry. That's what aunts are for!

Is it just my hubby or are most men like this?