Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

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Already two of the furbabies are in trouble. I was worried about Yoda, but he's been a total angel lately. It's two others who got into the presents last night.

Spirit, my gray cat, found the bag of pet presents in my closet. She pulled out a package of cat nip and bit it open. Talk about a mess! She was not happy when I pulled her away.

Chaos smelled something that intrigued her so much that she had to unwrap one of the gifts. In the process she ate the bow and the ribbon. I know this because I had to clean up the mess when it didn't agree with her. What was so interesting to her? Candy flavored lip gloss.

I hope we have no incidents tonight or after Santa fills the stockings and leaves gifts under the tree!

Hope you have a wonderful day finishing up your Christmas prep and/or celebrating!