Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Dusting...

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...of snow this morning!

Not enough for a snowball fight or sledding, but some is better than none. Still I hope we get more one of these days.

That same cold I'd had before seems to be returning so I'm saving my words for the proposal. But here's a few random things for today...

My daughter went to a sleepover the other night. The four girls broke into two teams and spent much of the night trying to scare each other to death. I'm Facebook friends with the three other girls so got a first hand glimpse into the scare tactics. Screaming, tears, you name it. I remember watching scary movies at slumber parties when I was younger, but we never took things that far. How about you?

Huge cat fight last night. I know Spirit was one of the involved. I was too tired to see who the other was. A shout and a yell seemed to take care of it, and none of the furbabies seem to be missing fur this morning.

Kindle eBook versions of my Christmas Magic on the Mountain and Rescued by the Magic of Christmas are outselling the mass market paperback versions by a huge number. (Okay, Rescued is out of print so that makes sense, but not Christmas Magic.) Even though Amazon is a small piece of category romance sales, I find that fascinating. People keep talking about the popularity of eReaders. I now believe it. But I'm not ready to invest in an eReader just yet!

Have a nice Wednesday!