Friday, December 03, 2010

Kitty in Trouble

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One of my furbabies has been using the clean laundry waiting to be folded as a litter box. The only problem is we weren't sure which one. I had my suspicions, but I needed more proof.

Yesterday, I was resting when I heard something. I sat up in bed and noticed Rocket walking around on the pile of laundry. One of the cats, Spirit, likes to sleep on the clothes when they come out of the dryer so I didn't think it was her. Rocket usually likes to sleep on something soft so I figured he was looking for a place to nap.

Nope. The darn cat squatted. I shouted and jumped out of bed. Surprised, he shot out of the room before he could do his business. But he wasn't fast enough to get away from me.

He spent the rest of the day locked in the laundry room. They love to be with me, so this is a harsh punishment for them. It's time for his checkup so I'll have them check his urine, but I'm pretty sure this is a behavior issue. If things aren't just so he acts out this way. At least he's done so before, but I thought he'd outgrown it.

Time to relook at the liter box situation and a few other things.

Any big plans for you today? I'm taking it easy and resting as much as I can.