Friday, December 10, 2010

Rescue Research

funny pictures-Rescue from tree is really embarrassing when they don't need a ladder.
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I've been researching and writing my new proposal. Working title is Christmas Magic in Hood Hamlet. Not every original, but I've got a head cold that won't go away. All creativity is being saved for the words.

Yesterday I read the book Pickets and Deadmen written by a former female Mt. Rainier climbing ranger and a bunch of other mountain rescue articles on the Internet. I have the opening scene roughed out, but something isn't quite right, and I'm hoping some extra research will tell me what.

I had an idea in the shower (that's where I do my best plotting/brainstorming) and want to explore it a little. Just need to get through a few things this morning so I can take advantage of a chunk of writing time after lunch.

What are you up to today? I also want to squeeze in a trip to Borders to take advantage for their newest 40% off coupon and maybe dash by Target, too!