Saturday, December 11, 2010


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I'm waiting for the rain to stop. It's been crazy wet here in the PNW. They have even mentioned the F-word...floods.

I've been putting some dents into my Christmas shopping in spite of the wetness outside. A good thing since I've been hit with a horrible head cold. But I'm not letting that stop me too much. Christmas will be here on the 25th so I can't put that off. And the kidlets need to be places. Plus I'm not about to stop writing because I don't want to wind up in crazy deadline mode come January. I do not want a repeat of November. Ever!

As soon as there is a break in the weather, we're going to cut down a Christmas tree. I miss that experience and so do the kidlets. We'll put the tree on our porch and decorate it with lights!

I also forgot to mention that the Bellingham Mountain Rescue 2011 calendars arrived. If you missed by post on them, go here to read it. The pictures are incredible. So is the quality of the calendar. It also supports a great cause. If you need a Christmas gift for someone in your life, check them out. They arrived very quickly, too.

I just got my Commando hook yesterday so I could put it up next to the table where I write. It'll provide great inspiration as I work on the new Mount Hood mountain rescuer story. Better get back to it.

Any plans for today?