Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cats and trees

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The tree is up, but no decorations yet only light. We're still trying to gauge Yoda's interest in it. Last year, we didn't put any breakable ornaments up because we were worried what he would do. We may do the same this year.

Yoda is over a year old, but he's still very much a kitten only bigger. A lot bigger. He could do some serious damage if he climbed the tree. Right now he's just hanging out underneath it and standing up through the lower branches.

As for the tree, it's face with the lights already attached. We used to always have a real tree, but I finally figured out the reason I would get a sinus infection every Christmas. I'm allergic to the tree. Not sure if it's the tree itself or the mold, but it happened every single year. Except the last two!

I miss cutting down a Christmas tree so we're going to go out to a tree farm and get one for our porch. We have tons of leftover lights. The kidlets are very excited.

Is your tree up already? Is it real or an artificial one?